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Marina Walker | June 8, 2011 | 3 Comments

All of the information that you will need on Www.netflix.com/activate can be found here.

With over 10 million clients in American and in Canada, Netflix/Netflix.com is the biggest DVD rental in the world.

The company which was launched in 1999 provides families and individual the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy a variety of movies and TV series both new and old on their televisions or on their computers for the flat rate of $7.99 a month.

While the flat rate DVD-by-mail enterprise sees itself as one of the easiest companies to use out there, their Roku service that was launched in 2008 has been giving customers quite a headache causing thousands of them to take to the internet to ask for help on how and where to put their activation code in order to gain access to Netflix streaming media that gives them an impressive numbers of TV programs.

Here are the simple steps in order to activate your Roku box also known as Roku DVP or your Samsung’s Blu-ray Disc players or service on your PlayStation 3 very rapidly (the process only takes few seconds and a little bit of patience):

Step 1: Simple go to Netflix.com and log into your Netflix account.

Step 2: Look in the upper right of your screen and look for the “Your account and Help” section.

Step 3: Scroll down until you find the following phrase/section – “Watch instantly on your TV or computer.”

Step 4: Select the option “Activate netflix ready device”.

Step 5: Enter your activation code and you will immediately access to Netflix’s unlimited catalog and without ever leaving home your basic television will be transformed into a “Smart” TV.

If you have more questions or comment on netflix.com/activate follow this link https://www.netflix.com/ to get more details.

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    1. kathrine jimmie says:

      the tv poped up a code wkcoy but can’t seem to get on the tv

    2. Lorraine Krause says:

      I would like to sign up for a free trial. My daughter has been using my computer; each time I go to sign up her account pops up on the screen. How can I sign up for a netflix account? Please advise.

    3. ann wisniewsi says:

      want free trial.then i will base my subscribtion based on the trial bases

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