Down? No, Just Traffic Problems

Marina Walker | June 29, 2011 | 0 Comments

Millions of redditors were once more surprised to find out that their favorite website was temporary down today June 29th, 20011.

Reddit which is a giant general forum where millions of users gather to cover diverse topics, share videos, donate to charities has been out of service due to technical difficulties mainly caused by an overloading server.

While the site’s owners Advance Publications and Condé Nast Publications were rapid last month to issue a statement claiming that Amazon’s cloud was to be blamed for the downtime of their community, this time around “The front page of the internet” founder is not explaining what occurred and when will the matter be solved.

With famous and powerful hackers such as LulzSec and Anonymous out in force taking aim at technological/game/government sites, some people thought was hacked.

This is not the case, just a traffic problem.

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