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Marina Walker | August 21, 2011 | 0 Comments

Ron Paul 2012 .com/ is the official website of Republican Congressman Ron Paul who is running for president of the United States America in the 2012 election (this is Paul’s third bid for the White House – he ran in 88 and in 2008 and failed to capture the nomination).

The website contains a lengthy bio of the unconventional politician who has often been referred to as a libertarian, who is anti- war due to their costly price (both financially and human wise), anti-abortion and for the legalization of certain drugs and prostitution.

The site has the latest news, videos and interviews of Paul who despite the fact of being ignored by the media was able to win the New Hampshire Young Republicans Straw Poll the that was held on Saturday with a whopping 45% of the votes thanks to his faithful supporters which are mainly young folks and Tea Party members.

By visiting his site, voters can donate to Paul who is celebrating his 76th birthday in order to be able to continue with his campaign and promote his ideologies.

The former gynecologist, brilliant orator and fighter for all liberties need all the help he can get from the American public, because as stated before as of lately the media has been ignoring him.

Many TV networks have claimed that his views/convictions are too exotic to be aired so instead they focus on news makers like Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin who has not yet even entered the race.

While the road ahead for Ron Paul might be tough – keep in mind that he is better organize and stronger in this political campaign than he has ever been (he came in a strong second in Iowa) and can create few surprises if he able to gather his enthusiastic base that is forever growing.

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