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Marina Walker | June 2, 2011 | 1 Comment

The Doctors TV show which airs daily on CBS, is a medical series produced by Phil McGraw who hit stardom thanks to his own program called Dr. Phil that was produced by the queen of media Oprah Winfrey.

The Doctors TV series was launched in September of 2008 and the well liked series will be premiering its 3rd season later this year.

Unlike the Dr. Phil, The Doctors television program is not hosted by one individual, but is presented by a group of physicians who tackle medical issues on a daily basis.

The Doctors television show is presented by five well known doctors who are Dr. Travis Stork – a trained physician who was featured on the hit reality show The Bachelor and other television programs.

The emergency room physician is joined by Dr. Jim Sears who is a well respected pediatrician.

Dr. Lisa Masterson who was the only female co-host of The Doctors is a obstetrician and a gynecologist.

The last co-host of the team was Dr. Andrew Ordon , a plastic surgeon, but earlier this year, it was announced that personal trainer Jillian Michaels who left reality shows The Biggest Loser and Losing It With Jillian will be joining the staff of impressive medical staff for the show’s forth season that will air on the network beginning Fall 2011.

Michaels’s expertise on weight loss and other body issue will be welcomed by the fans.

While the series did not start with huge rating, The Doctors TV show also called The Drs has a very strong following due to the nature of its content.

Fans of the show often reveal that they appreciate the fact the doctors tackle a variety issues ranging from life threatening illness to little embarrassing questions that some patients simply can not find the courage to ask their physicians during their visits.

The Doctors TV show which is also broadcast in several European countries, in Canada and Latin America has found an original angle to talk, help and educate their viewers on healthy living, sex issues, surgeries, makeup problems, cancer, plastic surgery, obesity, chronic pains and allergies.

No topic is too big or too small for these interactive doctors and to make sure they cover all grounds they have it made possible on their website for users to pose health questions that they will either response to on the site or during one of their broadcast.

You can access the site via

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    1. Patricia Wlodarczyk says:

      I watched the show on Tourettes syndrome about the teens who have come down with this mysterious ailment. This sounds like something that I have CMPS/FMS. I have suffered with chronic myofascial pain syndrome and fibromyalgia syndrome for over 20 years now. The description of what is happening to the teens described me at the beginning of the disease. A disease that was in my head. After much testing I was diagnosed with this disease of no known origin. This disease also affects children and teens as well as adults and is most prevelant in women. Epstein Barr is another ailment that should be looked into. Fibromyalgia covers so many things and ailments. One could have Parkinson type symptoms, cardiac symptoms, neuro symptoms and it all could be related to FMS. There are many books on the subject and I have a manual that I use for the disease. I see a pain management/neurologist for the disease. When I thought I was having a heart attack the doctors at the hospital had to call in my rheumatologist to adjust the drip so that the FMS would stop squeezing my heart.
      This is just a thought on my part but it sounds so familiar to me.

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